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Due to my lack of success with the ladies juggworld in my teens, my trips to the public baths was more frequent. I loved the ugly, the establishment of dirty, smelly and dirty of these services, rank with the smell of stale urine. My heart raced when I walked through the door, asked if someone already has it. I loved reading the stories on the bathroom walls dirty sex bids, requests for sons of bitches, more or less explicitly drawn images. That was much easier and faster than trying to persuade some tight teen virgin in hiring me, it juggworld captures a feeling. When the boys in public toilets that use more often in recent years, a pattern began to emerge. I liked older boys than juggworld younger. In part, because I think it was how humiliating that juggworld is in the juggworld lap of an older man, especially if it is not particularly attractive and had a big cock, gnarled old. It probably was not all pussy no more, but here was this young man on his knees, maybe 40 yearsyounger than him, cock sucking, as it was the best thing in the world. These guys have been very good when they get their cocks in my mouth and used me as his son of a bitch. In addition, older men were more aggressive and dominant. They knew what they wanted. Some of the younger ones were awkward and nervous, always looking around and close at the first sign of another man in the bathroom. IN I still remember vividly my first encounter with a dominant position in a very old man. He has been in his sixties and was on the stack, when I went into the bathroom. I could not believe that the size of his cock hanging from his pants and was not difficult! I looked when finshed pissing and crop production, decreased urine of his cock. He shook a few times and I realized it begins to harden a little. I looked up and saw his face and saw him smiling at me directly. Again! Busted! 'Like what you see? ' 'I asked. 'I bet you have not seen a big before, do you ? '' No, 'he admitted, ' is huge. That's incredible. '' Yes, ' he said. ' Now, to the knees and start sucking here! Quick! ' I crept closer and fell to his knees. I opened my mouth and let the monsters in power. It was so thick and long, filling my mouth full, it was really amazing.. I was still a few drops of urine in the flavor of your tail and that made it more exciting, disgusting and humiliating. juggworld 'Come,' he said, ' Suck It really Work It I like more. Not bad for a young goat. Do you get on your juggworld knees and suck cocks a lot of the old 'I could not talk with your mouth full juggworld of cock, but I tried diligently to mumble my thanks, I was drooling and slobbering gratitude for his big cock ?. , I started as a cheap whore the way this man was far greater regret. 'Oh, yes, I like to do so miserable bastard ? After the cock of a real man in your mouth? With the walas it was meant to be used? Maybe I'll give my fucking personal. I invite to my apartment and my service and all older adults in the building. Want to fuck? Cockslave To be my staff? Service to me and juggworld some other smelly old with big cocks and big loads? There are a couple of guys from 60 to 70 years that I stay with their wives are cold and not give at all. I bet you love to fuck her mouth and used to shoot a load. Alleviate some of that frustration. Huh? 'Suddenly my head was pushed back from his cock and hit me twice in the face. I looked up and he was clearly upset. When he spoke his voice was cold and dark, spoke slowly and deliberately. ' Hey, fuck, yeah I can ask a question, your answer is very good, you know? ' Stunned, the dynamics had changed rapidly from a nice blowjob, a situation that clearly juggworld stamped his authority refused, he murmured ' Yes. ' Two hARD proposes passed over my face in rapid succession. 'What is it, Pussy ? ' He shouted. 'I think you forget your manners. juggworld ' ' Yes, sir.. ' he said clearly. 'I want the asshole staff are their cockslave, and sucking cocks at you and all your old friends ' big for them. ' 'Better,' he said. He continued to whip my tail in my face several times its immense tail, he smeared pre-cum and my saliva. Then he grabbed my head more or less, and said that open. ' I will show how a real man fucks throat of a little pussy,' he said. and it was in my fucking face hard. the head of his huge cock soon collided with the back of the mouth and throat opening. I had never before been used. I gasped at his huge cock, choking and spitting as he hits the hole held in the throat. 'Listen, bitch,' he said, 'is one in the neck way or another, I suggest that you relax and let it happen. ' With thisHe came, and the enormous head of his cock, he was forced beyond the top of my neck and began juggworld to work through your way down. I slowly opened my head juggworld up and down on his penis and slowly pushed his cock deep into her throat until I felt the hair on his balls against my chin juggworld scratching. juggworld 'See,' he said. 'I knew you could do this all the sons of bitches who finally succeed to make, despite the protests of the weak' too big 'and ' I could not possibly fit that in my throat. ' juggworld There's nothing like popping a cherry neck on my cock for the first time. ' He began to walk, hard fucking my face and pushed his cock in my throat. When I started to gag and choke on his big dick, just laughed and told me how well that if my neck close to feel his cock. Suddenly juggworld I heard a noise, the shuffling of feet. Someone was in the bathroom is, and I was kneeling on the lowest point in the range! I quickly took the head of the queueand wanted to get up. Boy, was that always the wrong move ! He was angry because the expression on his face thunder again. The blows came fast and hard, 4, 5, 6 ' miserable bastard !' Said, 'Where the hell are you going? Suppose someone juggworld has to stop? So what? They have. ' ' No sir ' I replied, 'but it's someone coming ! ' ' So?' he said. 'I own this pussy fucking mouth to sell now, and she has a job to do. Stop barking and wide !' Embarrassed, beaten, humiliated and completely dominated him so effective so quickly, he opened his mouth and waited juggworld but a moment, the tail was back in the resumption of heavy shit to my face and neck. heard a shout behind me, followed by a laugh. I heard footsteps and saw a second pair of shoes like my left. I heard a card is pulled down, and the new man said : 'Nice seems he is doing a good job.. ' ' Yes,' answered the old man. 'I met him about twenty minutes. I saw him looking at my cock and I knew that I addictedother queer bastard. juggworld He was a little hesitant at first. He thought he could say something that has to do. But I realized I was a little pussy submissive and did not take long to break it. He has already accepted my cockslave and service have all older people living in my apartment building, not you, cunt ? '' Yes, sir, ' I answered quickly, for fear of further beatings. Undertsood I completley what my role now. ' The last test was a moment ago, when he entered, 'continued the old man. 'Bitch thought I could leave sucking, but soon let him know that it will not happen. do juggworld not think he wanted you to see what a queer pathetic little bastard is on his knees with his cock a real man in her mouth. but let's be honest, if you is a bastard, you have no right to say no to the demands of a man with a big penis, right, cunt ? '' Yes, sir, ' he answers. 'That's unbelievable,' said the second man. 'You have everything to him in twentyMinutes? '' Of course, ' said the older man. ' I've been doing this a long time and all my life, and is fairly easy if you know how. juggworld It has become so easy now, because I knew he had when I first saw him secretly out my cock. But the real sign was when I got the first place to put my cock in her mouth and his tongue snaked around a few drops immediately to urinate in the queue is clean before starting to suck. Submissiviness clear signs I, I could not do anything after that knowledge. '' I can when you're done ? '. , Asked the new guy ' Sure, ' said the old man as he continued to fuck my mouth,' he will do everything I say at this time. ' My face was red as a tomato when I told the older man, the new man, as he broke me, suck and offers the new man heard the tail. How did this happen ? How do I get on my knees , as this old bitch is used ? fucked before another man can face. did not have much time to respond to them. and to be honest I'm not interested. I kNew little had changed in me forever, and I would do what this man to me, time would like to say on the altar of his worship cock incredible. I could say that the public began to have an effect on him. His cock was getting harder, and I felt his balls juggworld under my chin pulling Tighe. Apparently he liked this other man ended his stranglehold on me. 'Okay, cunt,' juggworld he said, 'I am near when I come, I will rest my penis in her mouth, put aside all my cum fill her mouth to swallow, but not a drop.. until you say. I want to see how to fill out with a big load of cum see his mouth. 'I nod my head in the performance and feel of his cock in my tight thoat and start spraying. The first half is shot down in my belly, but it moves quickly from juggworld my throat into my mouth and the penis resting on my tongue. Humbly knelt there, pulling his mouth open, tongue, and after his sudden outbreakcum mouth begins to fill. For a man over juggworld his sperm is very thick and not so much that I think I'll drown. Finally he stopped, his mouth full, almost to the edge. The two men stare at me and laugh. 'I love this part,' said the older man. ' There is nothing like his cock silly not kneels with her mouth open shows of the past. ' ' Wow - that is fashionable,' says the second guy. 'Submission complete. I've never seen that before. You have done a fantastic job with him in such a short time. ' 'Okay, cunt. Time to swallow my load. This man here is another burden for you to suck his balls, and it would be impolite to expect. ' I swallow the load and feel everything slipping down my throat. The flavor is very strong and intense, like the whole situation. If I swallowed every drop I open my mouth, so she can see, is completely empty, and then mix on his knees in the second man and take his cock in my mouth. 'Wow, this is likea dream, 'says the second guy. ' He's a talented bastard. But I have a little problem. When I got here, I can not stand to pee, juggworld so I guess I'll have to pee before finishing. Give me a second and then juggworld you can juggworld return to work. '' Oh, no, no worry, ' the older man said,' That's perfect! He's going to have to start one day. Stay where you are and piss in your mouth. Now, to me, given the hell, 'he said sternly. ' If you as much as a drop of urine, the beatings he used to go like nothing compared to what I have to do to you! It appears that the spill ! '' No way, 'says the new guy. ' He did not really do that, right? Do you take my urine ? '' I told you not going to do now what I said is true ? Let's see shall we? 'And so I had my first experience with another man drinking urine. Tasted horrible, but the indignity done to get it done under the intense gaze of the two men was genuine, but exquisitely painful. And I knew that this seemsd is the last time this would make me a man. 'Oh, piss drinking dirty bitch. I can not believe I do. What kind of person are you ? Who has to do for another man? Hell, get ready, because now you have bought all my urine to go to get my sperm. 'And I am the second man ever felt the hard cock in my mouth. He was moaning and shaking his legs hard. Infuriated by what he was always on me to do, I knew it would not last long, and soon tighetned and took a few hard knocks last time in my mouth. 'Take motherfucker! ' He shouted. 'Take all the drink. We invite you to my queer bastard. ' He pulled it out and wiped the last drops of his cum on my face. ' pussy,' said the older man, ' I'm done with today. But here's my phone number. Call me tomorrow drastically by 10 per day. Do not be late. We have to make plans for you begin maintaining all my old friends and neighbors. That will be fun ! and I'm very fewPular with my mates! ' I hope everyone enjoyed the memories. It made me think a lot about the rock again.
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